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The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man
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Número del Artículo 278
Descripción: Is it OK to trust everyone?
Read about the Gingerbread Man as he runs away from an old woman, an old man, a cow and a horse. No one can catch him! But then he meets a fox. Who is more clever? The fox or the Gingerbread Man?

Vocabulary areas
Vocabulary areas
Food and cooking
The rooms in the house
Parts of the body
Grammar and structuress
Present simple
Present continuous (not with future reference)
conjunctions: because, and
Verb + ing
Verb + infinitive
Can / Can't for ability
Comparative and superlative adverbs
Have (got) for possession

In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | Au audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary


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