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Doruk's Cats - Through the Streets of Istanbul

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Número del Artículo 308
Descripción: Doruk, a ten-year-old Turkish boy, loves cats and wants to have a nice cat.
He listens to Aunt Banu's advice and starts looking for a cat in Istanbul streets. His nice journey is very exciting. He learns some stories about the historical places in Istanbul. He learns a lot about cats, too. Will he find a cat he likes? Where will a nice cat "choose him"? Join Doruk's journey full of surprises in Istanbul.

Places, food and Turkish food
Grammar and structures
Present & Past simple
(regular, irregular verbs)
Present & Past progressive
Present perfect simple
Future with will /going to
I'd like
Imperatives (positive)
Verb + ing / infi nitive
Comparative of
Modals can, must, should

In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | An audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary | Authentic photos

Art and History | Places | Story telling | Friendship

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