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Número del Artículo 282
Descripción: 'Oh no! I must go. The magic stops at midnight,' said Cinderella. 'Wait! Come back! I don't know your name,' called the Prince.

Poor Cinderella! She works all day and her two horrible stepsisters don't help her. One day an invitation arrives from the Prince. But Cinderella can't go to the party because she's got work to do. But her fairy godmother arrives and amazing things happen…! Does
she go to the party? Does she meet the Prince?

Vocabulary areas clothes, housework
Grammar and structures
Past simple regular and irregular
forms - Verb + infinitive - Must for
obligation - Adverbs: never, quickly -
Comparative and superlative adverbs
- Conjunctions: because, but, and
- Preps of time: after, on - Question
words: why, when, where, who

In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | A Make it section |A Let's Act! section | An audio recording of the story and the song

Family | Magic | Adventure

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