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Picture Bingo

Picture Bingo
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Número del Artículo 395
Descripción: Level: A1
Category: Vocabulary
Argument: General vocabulary

What is it?
Picture Bingo is based on the fun, well-known game of observation and matching.
Language aims
Help students learn 100 basic English words in a fun and enjoyable way. The words relate to a variety of lexical topics: animals, colours, shapes, food, household items and school items, toys, clothes, nature, the weather and means of transport.
Picture Bingo contains a pack of 100 cards with pictures on one side and the corresponding words on the reverse side, plus 36 bingo boards with six pictures on one side and the six corresponding names on the reverse.
• The guide contains instructions and suggestions for a vast range of games and activities to play in the classroom or at home with friends.
• A video tutorial to highlight how to use ELI games is available online on the ELI Multimedia channel.